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iKOS Digital's training was exactly what we needed, a considered and detailed exploration of much of what Drupal has to offer, how you can use it, and how to make it as relevant to our organisation as possible.

We ended the course feeling empowered to meaningfully contribute towards the evolution of Drupal at the University. We’ve just got to decide which project to start on first.

University of Cambridge

As someone with not very much experience with development, I found the training easy to understand and very interactive. I enjoyed how hands-on the training was. Thanks again for a great training session.

Giulio Folino | Web Project Co-ordinator | University of Westminster

I want to thank the iKOS Digital Support Manager, Sarah Burns for all the help and support she's provided this year. The level of service we’ve received has been great, both in terms of you getting work done quickly on the site but also in terms of the support and advice you’ve given over the phone. And I also want to say that I appreciate the warmth and good humour you’ve brought to all our phones calls and email interactions.

Matthew Elton - Head of Information and Service Communication – Citizens Advice Scotland

If ever there was an example of partnership going beyond pure commercials, this is it. Many thanks for all your hard work this year and here's to many more successful years working together

Natalia Radcliffe-Brine | Channel Marketing Manager | Sage Pay

Great customer support.

John Obayuwana | API Business Support | William Hill

I would like to thank you for those days of training with you. I was really positively surprised with Drupal, it's robust, easy to use, and a very powerful CMS system. I'm now looking forward for the next Drupal Commerce training!

Pawel Winnicki | Front End Developer | LUSH UK

Top marks – this is the first ever course to which I have given 10 out of 10 evaluation and I truly mean the course was 100% fantastic.

Annedrea McNee | Developer | Scottish National Heritage

Sorry I didn’t contact you sooner to say thank you for a great workshop. It was great! It was nothing what I expected (that’s a good thing) and really productive. I’m excited by this project and I have no doubt you will deliver the website we need. 

Paula Bangle | Business Development Manager |

I and a group of Senior PHP Developers colleagues recently spent two days being brought up to speed on Drupal by iKOS Digital and in my opinion they were two days very well spent. I went from feeling around in the dark to a genuine sense that I understood not only how to achieve the things that I need to be able to do with Drupal, but also how to do them in such a way as to reap the best advantage from using the framework.

iKOS Digital did an excellent job of dealing with my early confusions and left me with the foundation and tools I need to do my job, where colleagues more well versed than I in Drupal had been unable to guide me even half so well.

Oliver Godby | Senior Developer | Wonga

I thought the course was brilliant.

I wish I had the chance to take it sooner in my project but in some ways having made some errors and having some examples of things I was finding difficult were useful to work on during the training or ask yourself about. It was an excellent structure, the days passed quickly but I felt that I remembered things from each day and the notes are incredibly useful to help jog my memory when it fails me. I also think that having the example site that we worked on and the time set aside for projects of our own has been invaluable, certainly for me as it has allowed me to give quick demos of the kind of thing we can turn the website into and has helped me secure an extension for the project to allow me to build the Drupal site in what is a more structure and robust manner.

I really liked the fact that each day almost stood alone in terms of learning but with enough revision of the previous day to ensure everyone was comfortable to move on. I am actually surprised at how much we covered in this training and also the depth of the knowledge. I feel happy to take my learning of Drupal forward. 

In short I thought the course was excellent and I would recommend to my colleagues, I thought it had elements for every level of Drupal user.

Stephannie Hay | Service Manager, Technology Enhanced Learning Services | University of Edinburgh