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This training course was my first real exposure to Drupal, so I wasn't sure exactly what to expect.

What the iKOS Digital trainer, Nick delivered with exceptional enthusiasm and expertise was an insightful, brilliantly structured and thoroughly enjoyable training course that covered far more aspects of Drupal than I had anticipated. The course was full of practical exercises walking through all the main aspects of the system, during which the iKOS Digital trainer also provided fantastic advice about best practices, pitfalls to avoid, useful external tools and Drupal modules.

The second day of training was even extensively tailored for me based on my skill level, areas of particular interest and the topics covered on day one. This is a fast-paced course, but it never feels rushed.

I couldn't have asked for a better introduction to Drupal and I'm looking forward to learning more with iKOS in the future. Thanks Nick!

James Knapman | Web Designer/Developer | British Forces Broadcasting Service

iKOS are prompt in their response, helpful and polite.

Dr Manuela Cook FCIL | Owner | Lusophone Publishing

Support from Sarah Burns, the iKOS Support Manager and the development team has been excellent during a very trying week.

Martin Stubbs-Partridge | Intranet, Internal Communications & Project Manager | Scottish National Heritage

The subject of Drupal is now clearer in my mind and I know the areas I need to work on to become the complete article. This was a really was a good course.

The course material was well chosen, covered all aspects of the syllabus and was delivered at just the right level for all delegates.

I particularly liked the mix of practical activities with lectured content and I found you to be extremely good natured and knowledgeable in and around the subject when asked. Despite entering the course at an intermediate level I personally have been inspired to go on and complete the certification exam as a result of this course.

Simon McCanna | UCAS: Undergraduate Courses At University And College

Without doubt this has been the best training course I have been on because of the delivery style and the way the course is structured. In the 4 days of training we covered an incredible amount and when they say that this is a fast paced course – it really is!

iKOS Digital's training opens up the possibilities of what can be done with Drupal and is a reminder to audit your own Drupal site and look at its failings. I already have ideas about what I want to implement on my employer's website.

Mark Rosser | Membership Manager | British Educational Suppliers Association

By far the most rewarding training course I have been on to date.

As a new Graduate Software Engineer, the prospect of learning a completely new technology from scratch was daunting. Thanks to the iKOS Digital trainer's enthusiasm and experience I left the training room on the final day in a position where I can add real value to a project, which only 4 days ago I was unsure I could contribute towards.

David Leather | Graduate Software Engineer | Capgemini

The course was packed of key ideas that a typical Drupal site might contain and it moved at a pace that was just right for the whole group. Nick's friendly, eccentric style created an atmosphere that was really conducive to learning. I am so glad to have had this opportunity and as a result I feel much more confident that I could build a Drupal website without help.

Thank you for everything you taught us. I really enjoyed it.

Anika Mehangra | Software Engineer | Capgemini

I went in with some aspirations of aiming to become a Drupal developer but I have left with the intention of becoming one.

I found the Drupal training to be a huge help in my development. I think the best thing about it had to be the environment; I'd describe it as being taught without teaching; more like a mini project with a small team of people sitting around a table discussing, planning and doing rather than just being preached to in a classroom.

I had already had a small amount of exposure to Drupal concepts but this training really reinforced and added to what I'd seen. I now properly understand things that I had previously only 'heard about' while on project and I now know how to plan and implement the right tools in the right situation.

The delivery style plus the trainer's obvious depth of knowledge of the subject matter coupled with real-world examples made the whole process really smooth.

Dean Sohn | Junior Software Engineer | Capgemini

The group size was perfect as we had enough time for individual help if we needed it.

A lot more than I than expected.

Nick demonstrated a real evangelism for Drupal and he explained everything in fine detail and made sure I left each and every session with all my questions answered.

In friendly style, he taught us how simple it actually is to use Drupal and how not to over complicate things.

Aashik Patel | Business Analyst | Capgemini

An extremely worthwhile course and I am looking forward to coming back for more.

The recent Drupal training provided a detailed and very hands on introduction to Drupal. In just three days I had come away with a much greater knowledge of Drupal than I was expecting, as well as the confidence to immediately proceed to work on Drupal sites. This is thanks to the highly interactive sessions, which get straight into practical side of Drupal development whilst simplifying and greatly clarifying a system which I previously considered to be confusing and unwieldy.

The iKOS Digital trainer's great knowledge and experience of Drupal shows in the sessions and through this, the course content takes the guesswork and uncertainty out of putting together a Drupal site, proving that Drupal is in fact surprisingly easy to use once armed with the right knowledge.

Andrew Jeffreys | Web Services Developer | Information Services | University of Westminster