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Just wanted to thank Nick for his encouragement and enthusiastic teaching last week. I just completed the Acquia Certified Site Builder exam and passed with 83%. It was harder than I was expecting, but that just makes the result more pleasing!
Best wishes,

Kieran McGuire | Web Officer | The Fostering Network

What I was looking from the course was twofold. One was to make sure my knowledge of Drupal was on a sound footing. While I am an experienced PHP developer, my knowledge of Drupal was acquired pretty much in isolation. Making sure my approach follows recognised best practice is important.

My second, more prosaic aim was to prepare for the Certification test. The test itself was quite tough, but the material covered during the course matched the test questions pretty closely. It helped a lot, and I don't believe I would have passed the test without the course.

Nick Bogaerts | Senior Developer | Heath-Wallace

I thought this was an excellent course that moved at a very fast pace. It definitely lived up to the name “Boot camp”. Nick is clearly a Drupal expert and taught the course clearly and at the right pace. At every opportunity, he shared his knowledge and made us think about our own solutions to the exercises he presented.

The course content was a great mix of theory and practical work. The theory part moved at the right pace and each day flowed well from the previous days work. The course slides were presented well and due to the sheer amount we covered in the short time period, I am now happily taking the time to go back over my notes to reinforce what I learned.

The practical exercises were excellent and Nick focused on the types of things we would potentially use in Drupal. We were allowed adequate time to work on the exercises and it pushed us to think for ourselves before Nick recommended the best solution.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone needing to start developing in Drupal quickly. Nicks gives you all the Drupal Tools you need to get started. It has definitely opened my eyes to Drupal’s potential and has made me focus on getting my Drupal Certification.

Billy Wardrop | CMS Service Support Officer | University of Edinburgh

FYI I have said to Myles how happy I am with Sarah and Glynn's work, top stuff. You can quote me on that!

Adam Waters | Head of Online | British Forces Broadcasting Service

Having recently launched a new site on the Drupal commerce platform, we expected a few bugs post UAT, simply due to the complexity of our site and the way in which we knew our client base would interact with the functionality.

Within a few hours a few easily resolvable bugs popped up and we fixed by our internal dev team. However, two bugs were having a detrimental impact on our checkout processes (connected to paypal integration).

Despite our own very experienced development teams best efforts, we were neither able to re-create the bugs and were no closer to resolving them after 2 solid days of investigation and analysis of code.

Unsure how to proceed, we reached out to I-KOS to see if they were able to assist us, as we knew they were a very experienced team, particularly around PSP integration (sagepay/Paypal).

We signed-up to i-KOS' PAYG dev support process, and e-mailed the bugs over with a detailed description of the problems we were experiencing. Within a matter of hours, we had a response and potential resolution.

Both fixes provided us with a 100% resolution!

Post analysis with the team we came to the conclusion that - sometimes it’s valuable to get fresh eyes and expertise on a problem, as we had become so engrained we had skipped simple steps that would have resulted in a resolution. When you live and breathe a site its something that is very easy to do. A dev team that is new to a site questions everything!

Lifesaving service and one that we will absolutely be using as we move forward with the site!

Rob Payne | Owner | The Hanging Lantern Company

The team and I would like to extend our thanks for an informative and lively Drupal ‘crash course’ training day! In particular I’m grateful for your attention to detail in refining the standard 'Drupal from scratch’ course and tailoring it exactly to our needs. It was clear you did your homework in looking at our current sites, our new development Drupal sites, and addressing the worries we had. We’ve come away feeling quite excited about Drupal and the possibilities of taking on much of the work ourselves in the future. We’ll be in touch about further training in due course.

Lorraine Humm MA | International Network Web Manager

We took you up on the Usability Audit after watching the Sage Pay webinar. The audit highlighted a couple of things that we were already aware of but that are constrained by the platform we are using i.e. mobile displays and login page, there were a couple of easy fixes - alignment/location of check boxes - and some things that had completely by-passed us, most notably the basket being absorbed into the header. Any opportunity to reduce friction is worthwhile, especially on the checkout page – which I see as the most important page on the whole site.

What we did as a result of the audit was; break the different points into ones we can’t afford to deal with at the moment i.e. post code lookup, the quick wins i.e. alignment and location of check boxes, and those to be sorted out when we redesign the website once the latest release of OpenCart (with responsive design) is available in September. Our web developers are working on the quick wins at the moment, having already fixed an issue with the update basket button that was highlighted.

We really liked the layout of the report – being very easy to understand, but also the way you including the positives as well as the suggestions for improvement, this made it a lot easier to sell to our web-developers, especially as I’d just asked for a number of changes to the standard layout on the basis of this article!

The audit definitely provided beneficial suggestions - we found it really useful to have a fresh set of eyes and honest, un-biased opinion. We Brits are so worried about offending that getting an honest (and complete) opinion is remarkably difficult!

Jae Rance | Scratch Sleeves

I just wanted to say a very big thank you for all your hard work and a big well done to you all.

It needed all of you to work together to get the job done and you have done it! 

Scott Sumner | Managing Director | Olivers Mill
I found the course very good, and left feeling not just equipped but enthused to develop in Drupal. I particularly liked that you didn’t just say here’s module X or here’s functionality Y, but added plenty of real-world-experience-derived notes about common pitfalls, best practice for maintainability and so on.
Steven Mercer | Head of Digital | VSO
Thanks for a great week of Drupal training. From starting the beginning of the week hating the thing you've shown me how to work with it and more importantly make it work for me. 
The week has been fun as well has educational and I'm feeling confident enough to go back to work knowing I can build the projects I want to build to a high quality without feeling like I am fighting Drupal at every step.
Thanks for a great week!
Jamie Scott | Front End Developer | Dods