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Learning Drupal 8

This one-day course is designed as an absolute beginners’ step-by-step guide to learning Drupal 8. It offers a concise learning experience that explains what Drupal is and how to use it in its latest incarnation.
We do not assume any familiarity with any previous versions of Drupal and therefore we won’t be using terms such as ‘Schema’ and ‘MVC’. Instead, we'll be working to the founder of Drupal’s original vision of providing a website-building framework that can be used to spectacular ends without having to learn to code.
We've made a real effort to keep the language as simple as possible and to illustrate every single step, to speed you on your way to becoming a Drupal site builder, building real state-of-the-art sites.
During the day you will build a typical responsive small business website from scratch and host it on a development platform.
NEXT COURSE: Monday 23rd May
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No prior Drupal experience is required.

About the Trainer

Nick Abbott
Drupal Trainer

Nick runs iKOS' Drupal training programme; With responsiblity for graduate development and supporting staff Nick travels the country delivering private and public Drupal training.