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Drupal 7 Developer booster

This three day course is designed for developers that have already 'spent time working on Drupal projects' but who might not consider that they have an absolutely firm grasp of the all the really key concepts, features, and best practices that are demanded of today's Drupal teams.
The course covers everything from local Drupal set-up to basic core field UI, to coding via the API, key community modules, right up to the elements of CI and it does all at a seasoned developer- centric pace.
If you have new team members joining a Drupal project and you want them to hit the ground running then booking this course immediately prior to project kick off would be just about the best the thing you could do.
FOR BOOKINGS OR TO TALK THROUGH YOUR TRAINING REQUIREMENTS IN ADVANCE please contact us below and we'll call you straight back.


Drupal 7 experience is required.

About the Trainer

Nick Abbott
Drupal Trainer

Nick runs iKOS' Drupal training programme; With responsiblity for graduate development and supporting staff Nick travels the country delivering private and public Drupal training.