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Solr search

Built on the enterprise-grade Apache Solr search engine, Acquia Search is hosted on Acquia Cloud, a fully redundant infrastructure that ensures search is a highly available feature of your website.

Apache Solr provides a 3-5x performance improvement and helps i-KOS create relevant, engaging online experiences beginning with search.

  • Faster searches – Users can refine their search by tags, date range, content type and other metadata to quickly target the content that is relevant.

  • Better results – Users can sort search results, and administrators can tweak the ranking algorithms via an intuitive user interface to adjust which content is returned higher in the search results.

  • More relevant recommendations – Automatically suggest related content allowing users to discover additional products or information.

  • Dynamic cross-site searches – Display unified results from all your web properties, including the contents of files attached to your sites.

  • Geospatial search – Provide local relevancy to your site.

i-KOS have integrated Acquia powered Solr for many site including the new house builder index: