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Developer workflow

Easily enables us to deploy content across development, staging, and production environments.

Each new site in Acquia Cloud has three available environments:

  • Development - a sandbox area allowing new features, themes and functions to be worked wholly independently of the live production site.
  • Staging - a testing a QA hosting environment for approving new changes pre-deployment to the live production site.
  • Production - the live production environment.

Multiple environments for the different phases of development is considered best practice not only in Drupal development, but in software development in general. The advantage is that you can isolate the new development that is always going on from testing upcoming releases and from the actual live site itself. This compartmentalisation is critical if you want to have a smoothly operating site with problem-free upgrades. Since the environments need to be as similar as possible, if not identical, it can be a very expensive proposition. Acquia Cloud provides these environments for you, out of the box.