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Acquia Cloud

Introducing Acquia Cloud: The world's premier Open Cloud platform for Drupal.

You can own a great Drupal site, but if you want it to perform you need a Drupal-tuned hosting environment, with all of the complex system admin tasks covered (multi-tier caching, 24/7 monitoring, disaster recovery) on the Amazon AWS hosting infrastructure
Acquia Cloud is a Drupal-tuned platform-as-a-service, with a highly available, elastic hosting environment.
The highlights of the service are:

  • Hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) giving multi-region support in any Amazon data centre. (European hosting is based in Ireland).
  • Insight provides constant site quality assurance by running tests against the code and configuration.
  • Specifically tuned hosting to run Drupal.
  • 3 environments available by default (Development, Test and Production). Development and Test environments have an identical configuration just fewer resources and therefore are a reliable way to develop and test before release.
  • Varnish reverse proxy cache front end to improve performance.
  • Code can only be deployed to the environments via a version control system.
  • PCI Compliant.
  • Acquia network provides access to a number of other tools such as New Relic for performance monitoring and Blaze for load testing.

iKOS are an Acquia Enterprise Select Partner and host on the Acquia Cloud exclusively. Here’s why:

Multiple environments for different phases of development.

Beyond network dependability. For enterprise customers, 99.95% site uptime.

Burstable, elastic cloud resources: Acquia Cloud scales effortlessly, meaning spikes in site traffic yield growth and success.

Beyond network dependability. For enterprise customers, 99.95% site uptime.

Live SEO analysis optimising your web presence in real time.

Up to 5x faster, including:

faceted search, filtering, text analysis, logging, content recommendations, and more!