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Drupal consulting

The iKOS Professional Services team consults, developers and teaches best practice for Drupal 6, Drupal 7, Drupal 8 and other website processes. Our knowledge is distilled from real-world expertise, acquired building hundreds of large and small-scale Drupal websites. You can hire iKOS experts for workshops and clinics to suit your requirements.

Covering processes we use, every day, to deliver projects on-time that meet their aims.

A structured session to clarify the business requirements for all of the various touch-points in an e-commerce journey.

Ensuring you are investing in the right technical approach and strategy for the needs of today and tomorrow.

Talk to iKOS, let us talk to your editors and contributors, let us assess how your CMS is being used and plan a governance and training package to protect your brand and improve the editor experience.

Uncovering latent business needs, user behaviours, and desired technologies.

Defining visitor journeys through the site and how the pages are structured to help a visitor achieve their goals.