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We're Drupal 8 ready - are you?

Drupal 8 brings over 200 new features and improvements to one of the world’s most popular content management systems.

But Drupal 8 is more than its technology; it’s an opportunity for organisations to change the way they think about content and how they support user’s content consumption online.  

iKOS has always been at the forefront of Drupal development, creating award-winning sites that offer smooth user experiences on the surface, with fluent integrations and advanced content administration behind the scenes - and Drupal 8 is no exception.


Get advice from our Drupal experts

Two of our team have published the book ‘Learning Drupal 8, and iKOS is among the first in the UK to offer Drupal 8 training, consultancy, and development. Check out the timeline to learn more about our Drupal heritage.


Drupal 8 training

Drupal expert or complete beginner, we’ve got a Drupal 8 training course to suit your experience:

For site builders and managers:

For Drupal developers:

Book: Learning Drupal 8 

Learning Drupal 8 is a step-by-step beginner’s guide to Drupal 8, written by Richard Jones and Nick Abbott, iKOS' technical director and leading Drupal trainer. Preorder today.