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Drupal Commerce

iKOS provides the complete e-commerce delivery life cycle: consulting, training, developing and supporting.
Anyone worth their salt knows that commerce goes is way more than ‘add to cart,’ (trolley, bag or basket)
Your website has to promote, interact, calculate, transact, manage stock, deliver, upsell and often, crucially, integrate with back office systems of all shapes and sizes.

What is Drupal Commerce

Drupal Commerce offers unparalleled flexibility, customisation, and scalability.
Rapid developments in technology coupled with a volatile economic landscape mean businesses need to be more adaptable and leaner than ever. Drupal Commerce, the open-source eCommerce platform, is the premier solution to fit your needs: Open-source means unsurpassed innovation and value; Drupal Commerce means responsive technology with unparalleled flexibility.

Drupal Commerce does not dictate your users' journeys

No doubt, e-merchants have countless painful stories about how their eCommerce platforms have constrained their businesses, resulting in missed opportunities, lost revenue, and inefficient use of manpower to come up with less-than-ideal workarounds. Drupal Commerce puts an end to that.

Drupal Commerce - a flexible framework not rigid hierarchy

Drupal Commerce offers unparalleled flexibility, customisation, and scalability. A framework rather than an application, its core modules define the basic components and systems you need to do eCommerce without any hard-coded assumptions about how you do business.
You can configure Drupal Commerce to do whatever you need to do: run complex promotions, facilitate the sharing of product recommendations and purchases through social media sites, offer event registration from a press release, and so on. The possibilities are endless—and painless.


We have integrated Drupal Commerce with many payment gateways and business operations applications including MSDynamics, SAP, Sage Pay.