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Developing Drupal

We have a long-standing allegiance to Drupal, an Open Source content management platform, powering millions of websites and applications - including some of the world’s largest.
The popularity of Drupal is spreading every day

However skilled and experienced we might be as individuals, software built, peer-reviewed, and maintained by a community of close to 1 million members1 has got to be a better bet.
Drupal is a powerful, flexible, and highly modular Open Source framework for building web applications, and it is a state-of-the-art social publishing platform. Moreover, it is worldwide community of developers, designers, project managers, business innovators, technology strategists, and user-experience professionals.
Drupal has an incredible global community comprising thousands of developers creating new features, functions and platforms every single day. 
With its 23,000+ extension modules, 1800+ themes (pre-built skins), 670+ distributions (pre-configured turnkey site solutions), 28,000+ developers registered worldwide, and a philosophy based around keeping the bespoke code to an absolute minimum, Drupal is the wisest choice and the most future-proof content.
Our clients like it because they are investing in a platform much larger than us, there are no license fees and the software is Open Source. We have worked on Drupal with financial institutions, retailers, associations, charities and publishers in the UK, EMEA, APAC and USA. 
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1 As at September 2013

iKOS provides the complete e-commerce delivery life cycle: consulting, training, developing and supporting

Building Drupal sites that can share content, themes, modules and even database tables  

Leverage reusable features and methodologies for greater efficiency and ROI