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UXD workshop

Defining visitor journeys through the site and how the pages are structured to help a visitor achieve their goals.

User eXperience Design (UXD) as a discipline concerns elements that, together, make up how a person feels when using a website interface, including layout, visual design, text and interaction. This is a rapidly-changing and evolving area relating to mobile, tablet and desktop platforms.

“A person’s perceptions and responses that result from the use or anticipated use of a product, system or service” - ISO 9241-210 (2010).

Our UXD consultants can tailor a range of services to help you discover, plan, design and prototype your website or mobile application.

IA -  It is about how people feel as they use a digital service, and about the way it does things, not just what it does.

Is the ‘what’ in UXD - what happens when mousing, clicking, touching or gesturing.

Is a method we use to mock-up interaction and acquire feedback from users about future designs.

An in-Browser, 'living', guide demonstrating how a website should behave and how it's content objects should be styled.