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Introducing the Design Style Guide

An in-Browser, 'living', guide demonstrating how a website should behave and how it's content objects should be styled.

An 'in-browser' style guide is an HTML document that is created and maintained to enhance the handover from our designers to our developers. It ensures that nothing is lost in translation when we are theming a website.

It has a number of positives, for example, the developer tasked with building the website has accurate stylings and assets before they even begin configuring the new build. It gives them a comprehensive understanding of how the site and it's content objects should behave. It's existence helps greatly when dealing with the internets progression from fixed width websites to fluid layouts that adapt to display appropriately on any device they're viewed from.

By adapting our design workflow we have been able to create a process that fits in with our agile project management approach and outputs this project-unique digital style guide for a website which can be used for the entire life span of the site.