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User Stories

In an agile workflow you would create a product backlog comprising of user stories. User stories as the examples below highlight are the sites feature requirements expressed in the voice of that particular user. 

During a requirement gathering workshop we would typically cover how we unearth, explore and challenge the businesses preconceptions to ultimately help define the requirements based on business value, customer needs and technical reality. 

The product backlog is, at its most simple, a prioritised features list, containing user stories and test scenarios for required required functionality:

User stories – examples

  • As an administrator I want to be able to approve access to the member's section of the site
  • As the system I want to automatically update a directory of members from an MS Access database
  • As a user I want to search the directory of members
  • As the developer I want to migrate the content from the existing Joomla site to Drupal
  • As the administrator I want to upload documents to a library with a folder structure​​