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Requirement gathering

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Requirement gathering workshop

A requirement gathering workshop is a fixed-price consulting engagement working side-by-side with your team, to help define the project and user goals.

Companies often follow up a requirement gathering workshop with training, user experience & architectural workshops to learn how to use Drupal to achieve the desired project outcomes.

The deliverables from a workshop, dependent upon the criteria, could include a backlog of user stories, problem statements or documented recommendations.


We have found that clients who are new to Drupal become much better-placed to get the most from our workshops if they have an understanding of exactly what Drupal is and how it can work for them...

Understanding the various types of site user is essential to help understand the different user experiences that need to be created.

Reviewing the high-level requirements, including capabilities and external integration.

Learning how to write features as user stories for the site, which can be used for sizing, sprint planning and behavioural development.