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Creating clearly structured roles and responsibilities for various content assets.

Drupal has the ability to manage users in a great number of ways that we can help you integrate into your Drupal site. 

User account expiration control

  • Notify user or admin when user inactive for x weeks
  • Blocks user or admin when user inactive for x weeks (Warn before block)
  • Delete user when inactive for x weeks (preserve content or delete content, warn first) 

User passwords

  • Automated email containing acct details to use when created/ changed
  • Password generator, sends strong password automatically to user with cc to admin.
  • Automated password reminder/re-set tool; forgot password/ reset password feature for users
  • Automated (two steps verification) when losing your password. The user has to click a link that he received in order to reset his password.
  • Automated change password prompt at set intervals 

User rights and management 

  • Content type level permissions
  • Field level permissions
  • Function level permissions 
  • Simple way of applying roles
  • Define roles and groups– eg content owner, basic editor, standard editor, super editor, manager, admin
  • Roles can be set on any level (full environment, website, section, page)