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Learn how we can help you gain greater consistency in use of content, brand, and company messaging.

Our consults can customise your Drupal editing interface to help ensure your site stays 'on-brand' for example:

  • Fonts - ensuring that only approved fonts-styles are available to editors in the CMS and WYSIWYG areas plus front-end CSS theming is correctly formed, with graceful degradation considered - when users are unable to display your corporate font
  • Brand colours - similar to font handling we are able to advice or customise your Drupal instance to ensure that only the web-safe correct colour palette is available
  • Content types - many Drupal instances allow the inputting of HTML via a WYSIWYG controlled area which often leads editors into the dangerous concept of being able to building 'pages'. Many CMS' are still built on this premise; the down-side of this 'freedom' is that this tends to lead to a mish-mash of looks across the site.  With the right Information Architecture creativity is not stymied as 'pages' can be built from pre-selected templates which allow the editors certain controls over the placement of different content types. The net result should be consistent 'feel' across different areas of the site with different content (types)
  • Workflow - Drupal allows for very fine-grained control of users roles and permissions. Our consultants can help refine your Drupal rules and permissions to support the business requirements.
  • Training  - Whilst much of governance is about controls and safe-guards – often it is the lack of knowledge or understanding of Drupal itself that leads to poor-practice or inconsistent use

Talk to i-KOS, let us talk to your editors and contributors, let us assess how your CMS is being used and plan a governance and training package to protect your brand and improve the editor experience ​