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Governance workshop

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Governance workshop

Talk to iKOS, let us talk to your editors and contributors, let us assess how your CMS is being used and plan a governance and training package to protect your brand and improve the editor experience.

Governing your Drupal website - building a successful and future-oriented CMS process
The majority of CMS initiatives are executed without establishing proper governance. Many dive prematurely into technical design and development, with the project leads simply hoping that the CMS software’s capabilities can cover all the operational requirements.   
Strong governance provides a solid foundation that facilitates growth, increases quality, improves adoption and ‘proper’ use across your organisation. You can work with iKOS to develop a governance strategy around your:

Learn how we can help you gain greater consistency in use of content, brand, and company messaging.

Using real-time feedback to help you meet standards (such as legal requirements, messaging, accessibility).

Avoiding duplicate, inaccurate, out-of-date, or conflicting content.

Identifying resources, skill sets and training needs that may have been overlooked.

Creating clearly structured roles and responsibilities for various content assets.

Determining content approval workflows for various content types.