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Site owners obviously want to receive a new site or feature-set that has been rigorously tested; as developers we don't want our work rejected – especially for rudimentary oversights as this adds costs and erodes trust.  This is why, at i-KOS , we use an agile workflow with testing and checking at it's core

  1. Reviewing and testing is constant through each sprint using peer review
  2. We use BEHAT – behavior driven development (BDD) and write human-readable stories to describe the behavior of your application. These stories are then auto-tested against your application.
  3. Environment testing – cross browser, cross device testing is required increasingly with the proliferation of devices and responsive website design
  4. A demo of the delivered and tested user stories is always given at the end of the sprint  
  5. User Acceptance Testing – checking the testing
  6. Retrospectives – we, as developers, benefit from learning lessons from sprints to help refine our estimation and development techniques and clients benefit hugely by learning from the inside why the seemingly simple can be complex and vice-versa

An illustration of i-KOS agile workflow: