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“Thank you Sarah for all your support and patience with this project. ”
Tansy Rothwell | Pearson Internation
“The course was practical and well paced. ”
Sophie Jennings | Media Producer (international MyLabs) | Pearson
“I've been "using" Drupal for almost 2 years, but I feel I understand it for the first time. ”
Joanne Strachan | Programme Manager | Pearson
“Well constructed days training. ”
Tansy Rothwell | Programme Manager, Higher Education Digital Programmes | Pearson
“A fantastic coach for any team. ”
Martin Suryadarma, Programme Manager | Pearson International Higher Education
“Clear, engaging, and informative training. ”
Tansy Rothwell | Programme Manager Higher Education Digital Programmes | PEARSON International
“Solid background on Drupal principles and capabilities. ”
Martin Suryadarma | Software Product Management | PEARSONS