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Introducing the SWAMP team - your Drupal expert support resource

What’s with SWAMP? That’s Small Works and Minor Projects to you (originally a temporary name that just stuck).
Many agencies are only geared up to build new websites and often grimace at supporting older sites. At iKOS we have a team who simply love keeping established sites on track, be that hot-fixing issues, supporting administrators or adding new modules, campaign pages or features  

Key principles

  • All support requests are to initiated by email and managed via an online ticket system
  • A ticket will use a minimum of one hour (maximum time-allowance pre-agreed with you)
  • Each ticket is assessed and triaged by iKOS. An urgent ticket classification is only possible if any of the following are true:
  • Service unavailable - e.g. site down
  • Significant financial risk - e.g. price or delivery incorrect
  • Significant goodwill risk - e.g. highly publicised coupon not working
  • Significant compliance risk - e.g. private data vulnerable
  • Monthly commercial reporting will be produced logging for all Help Desk & Managed Accounts
  • Agreement term for help desk and managed account is 12 months

Response time

Normal tickets will have an estimate of time required to resolve communicated as well as the timescale over which the work is expected to be achieved.
All support resourcing is deployed within normal UK business hours.