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Drupal + Sage Pay - your free ebook

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FREE eBook: Getting started with Sage Pay & Drupal Commerce

Integrating Drupal, Commerce and Commerce Sage Pay

In September 2013 Sage Pay announced the launch of the first official integration module for Drupal Commerce, an open source content management platform, developed in partnership with e-commerce specialist i-KOS. This integration allows businesses of all sizes, from start-up to mid-sized enterprises to establish and grow their online presence with ease.

The Commerce Sage Pay module provides a full and seamless integration with Drupal. This will allow growing businesses to build web and mobile sites that are truly scalable, meaning they can create a site that meets their immediate needs while ensuring they are fully equipped to cope with future growth.

This FREE eBook is authored by Nick Abbott, i-KOS' Head of Drupal Training and is a 53 page complete (step-by-step) guide to installing and setting up your eCommerce website using Drupal, Drupal Commerce and the official Commerce Sage Pay module. 

  • Step-by-step guide to installing Drupal from scratch and how to add Commerce
  • How to install and configure the Drupal Commerce Sage Pay module
  • A guide to trading online with Sage Pay - what you need to know (inc. multi-currencies)
  • Plus 3D Secure, Single click checkouts, Mobile optimisation and more
I've been "using" Drupal for almost 2 years, but I feel I understand it for the first time. I now have a much better idea of how things relate, and what I can safely do and what's dangerous. I also have a much better idea of the potential of Drupal.
Joanne Strachan | Programme Manager | Pearson
Solid background on Drupal principles and capabilities. Very compact and information rich introduction to Drupal with basic terminology and rules that would allow project teams to plan development of their websites to take advantage of features and logic of the system.
Martin Suryadarma | Software Product Management | PEARSONS

About the Author

Nick Abbott
Drupal Trainer

With long time qualified teacher status, Nick promotes investment in people, systemisation, training and support over expenditure on software. Nick runs iKOS Digitals' Drupal training programme; With responsiblity for graduate development and supporting staff Nick travels the country delivering private and public Drupal training.