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Sage Pay launches first Drupal Commerce integration

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London, 16th September 2013 – Sage Pay has today announced the launch of the first official integration module with Drupal Commerce, the fastest growing e-commerce framework in the world. The move recognises the large number of companies adopting Drupal as their web and mobile platform, and enables businesses large and small to build truly flexible e-commerce websites.
Drupal is used by millions of companies around the world, from SMB’s to global brands and Governments, and has thousands of features to allow an organisation’s web and mobile store to compete online. It is ideal for growing businesses looking to redevelop their existing site or those considering moving to a new, social-ready technology platform.  
This integration, using Sage Pay’s latest protocol1, allows businesses to bypass traditional overseas trading barriers. It also increases exponentially the potential customer-base by taking advantage of the multi-lingual functionality included in the setup, as well as a range of local payment types.


  • The most complete Sage Pay integration enabling you to manage payments directly from your website
  • Multi-Currency, multi-lingual support allowing for overseas growth
  • M-commerce - build mobile optimised shopping and buying experiences
  • Built-in social commerce features including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest
  • 21,000+ additional features available to Drupal powered websites2

The new integration also addresses the growing role of mobile in business. Findings from Sage Pay’s Third e-Business Benchmark Report reveal that large e-businesses are rapidly adapting to the rise in mobile, with 73 per cent choosing to optimise their sites for mobile commerce and seeing healthy revenue as a direct result. 
Drupal> Commerce, with official Sage Pay integration, enables commerce-ready mobile accessibility for businesses of every size. The module is free, flexible and robust, and can be downloaded from Drupal.org3
This integration comes via Sage Pay’s strategic partnership with e-commerce specialist iKOS with a mandate and commitment from both parties to support the growing features.
For a FREE ‘Getting Started with Sage Pay & Drupal Commerce’ guide please click here visit

  1. Protocol v3.0 SagePay
  2. Features refer to the number of modules available to download at


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