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Lush - Site Preview

Myles Davidson's picture
Today we get to share a sneak peek at our work on a new Lush project. This has been, without question, the most challenging and rewarding drupal commerce project we've undertaken and is the embodiment of Content, Community and Commerce. 
A series of blog posts shall follow to share insights into the creation this stunning website and the amazing collaboration with: @lushdigital @method_inc @commerceguys - an example of the amazing digital experiences that can be delivered with Drupal.



Josh Miller (not verified)

While I've not been involved with the work on Lush at Commerce Guys, the Guys are all abuzz on HipChat and Email with excitement at how well this project is coming together! Can't wait to see it launch and read those blog posts!

Now, excuse me while I watch the video for the third time today :)

Alex Burrows (not verified)

Looks LUSH guys ;) can't wait to give the site a test drive!

Annabella (not verified)

Nice work on this guys!

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