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LOOK how Drupal helped the readers share their daily fashion

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Project Summary

Look magazine has an incredibly trendy readership and wanted a way to engage and facilitate their own looks with other readers. Working with iKOS through workshops we devised a site to allow readers to capture and share their popular street style fashion pictures building a community allowing people to discover what others are wearing and which high street fashion shops they're shopping in.

The site uses radioactivity to manage the popularity of posts to avoid one post staying at the top forever allowing new looks to constantly get in the spotlight. 
All users are authenticated via Facebook API allowing which allowing verification commenting and cross-posting.
'Look what I'm wearing' is a user-generated content-driven site, developed by iKOS in the UK, as a distribution (install profile) for IPC Media (part of AOL/Time Warner), which has subsequently rolled out to their leading angling title 'Like my catch' and cooking title ('Look what I'm Cooking').

Project Challenge

To build one site to be deployed to the client’s own hosting location, as the blueprint for roll-out across other magazine sites.
We used the approach of creating an Install Profile for the project that enabled us to select, install and configure the requisite modules (to meet the requirements), create content types, create roles, set a theme, and populate the site with some representative content.
Building even a single site via an install profile has become the preferred method here at iKOS as this process has the distinct advantages of:

  • making all configurations, that would be hidden in the database, visible in code
  • ease of rolling back to a previous point during the build phase (as minds are changed and/or developers had a bad day (yes it does happen!)
  • allows us to hand over the 'code' at each release and the end of the project

This profile is separated into platform specific and site specific features. Platform features such as picture uploading and cropping, social integration and backend moderation can easily be updated across all sites without affecting any individual site features.

Responsive and Mobile

The sites are built and tested to be fully responsive, so that they display and function correctly across a wide range of devices.

Deployment and testing

IPC ran a full security check on the site once handover was in place to make sure that the new site was not vulnerable to external attacks. They also performed performance checks to ensure the site responds to acceptable speed standards, as page load times are crucial to their audience.

The other sites launched using the install profile:

Woman and Home:
Business Reference:
Product Director, IPC Media Digital


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