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Krispy Kreme - building the case for mCommerce

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Finding the sweet spot

Krispy Kreme commissioned iKOS to build an eCommerce store for their gifts and merchandise. 

Prior to the launch of its new gift store site, Krispy Kreme was struggling to realise the potential of its e-commerce sales channel. Visitors to the online store failed to complete purchases due to poor user experience and confusing visual design. With a ground-up website overhaul iKOS have helped Krispy Kreme once again find the ‘sales sweet spot’.

The new website provides online customers with a first-class user experience – a key part of the Krispy Kreme company philosophy. It’s been such a success, that it is now being used as the blueprint for the redesign of its entire UK online presence. 

Project challenge - time and budget

The project was to be delivered within a six week timescale to ensure the key Christmas gift buying market was not missed. The budget was tight and mobile was de-scoped.

Project approach

An agile project approach was utilised from the outset with the project being broken into a pair of one-week sprints with time for planning and BEHAT testing. The team consisted of two Drupal developers plus PM & QA.

Challenging the brief - knowing when to add value

The de-scoping of mobile for Krispy Kreme was a something we wrangled with; on the one hand the budget and time was tight on the other hand the analysis of Krispy Kreme's main website showed that mobile would soon represent the majority of their traffic. With this in mind we opted to theme the site using Omega3 a highly configurable HTML5 responsive 'grid-based' theme and designed the payment page with a single page checkout with mobile very much in mind. 

Whilst some say you can't get half pregnant when it comes to responsive or adaptive websites; having to conceive and plan this from the get-go; this case study proves you can. 

We were able to determine the level of mobile and tablet devices that access the site and show that 15% of the purchases were completed via mobile 

We aimed to prove the case for mobile – for a future phase and in-so doing created a custom mobile Ecommerce dashboard having fully integrated the site with Google Analytics. This proved invaluable to the business (as the infographic below shows) as we were able to determine the level of mobile and tablet devices that access the site and show that 15% of the purchases were completed via mobile – this may, or may not, sound high but considering Krispy Kreme have a separate desktop and mobile site and only sign-posted traffic from the desktop version we feel the case was well made. 

Focusing on average order value & conversion

It is well documented that expensive delivery charges are a major turn-off for customer and conversely FREE delivery increases conversion rates. Having analyzed the data from the old site and discussed with the business the true cost of delivery and average product margin we set about testing ways to increase customer satisfaction (in terms of conversion) and increase the (AOV average order value). The solution we settled on can be seen below. We created a simple rule in Drupal Commerce that would offer free delivery on orders over £25 and clearly let the customer know how much extra they'd need to spend to qualify for free delivery.  The result - the AOV has been increased by 22%

The results


It was evident from the queries that the team at iKOS made that they fully understood the project and the details that were important to Krispy Kreme as a business. Nigel Perry | Krispy Kreme UK

iKOS have been instrumental in guiding our thinking and challenging our existing online platforms to uncover new business opportunities. Holly Howell | Krispy Kreme



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