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PomeGreat - Optimum sales with Drupal Commerce

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The challenge

In 1999 a couple of friends tasted pomegranate juice from a street vendor in Peshawar and were amazed by the unique flavour. Sensing a gap in the market, they resolved to bring this experience to a UK audience by creating a drink that had all the richness and vitality of the original pomegranate flavour they had experienced. Several years of painstaking research later, PomeGreat was born and in 2003 its juice drinks made their first appearance on the shelves. They are now stocked in major supermarkets and health stores throughout the UK.
In 2011, Co-founder and Director Adam Pritchard wanted to launch a new PomeGreat product which concentrated all the health benefits of pomegranates into a daily capsule: PomeGreat PurePlusTM. Adam wanted to sell the capsules directly to customers online but had no idea how to choose an eCommerce platform suitable for optimising sales.
Adam needed an eCommerce partner who could create an optimised site in a short space of time that would be self-maintained and allow Adam to focus on growing the business. He also needed an accompanying integrated online marketing strategy to drive traffic to the site.

The solution

From initial concept to delivery, iKOS created the PomeGreat eCommerce site, in eight weeks, built using Drupal Commerce (the open source eCommerce suite).
In addition to traditional eCommerce requirements —shopping cart, checkout form and product catalogue management— Drupal Commerce accommodates highly tailored features and design principles. iKOS employed an educational marketing strategy for the website content, highlighting the health benefits of the product through dynamic copy, design and product display on the site. 

This combined easy-to-use functionality of the purchase process with simple order adjustments and configurable cart displays. Additionally, iKOS created an optimised pricing structure. 
Myles Davidson, Managing Director, iKOS explains:

“PomeGreat PurePlus capsules are sold as a single box of 30, one-a-day capsules. This presents a challenge, as we know from experience that it is imperative to offer buyers a choice so that they can make an informed decision. We know that people make choices based on relative advantages of one thing over another and so positioned the product as being available to buy as either one, three or six months’ supply and not simply a single purchase.
This has two major advantages. Firstly, it allows people to either test the product by purchasing one month’s supply, or buy in bulk and make a saving. Secondly, this has had a significant impact on PomeGreat PurePlus sales in terms of increasing conversion rates whilst, at the same time, increasing the average initial order value.
Using Drupal Commerce also means the site can be managed by marketeers who make changes, measure traffic and establish buying patterns to maximise online conversions.”

The Results

In terms of driving customers to the site, PomeGreat has carried out promotional campaigns and all PomeGreat juice packs sold in store carry £5 capsule discount codes that customers can use on the site. Linked with iKOS’ internet advertising strategy, the results have been impressive.
After its launch in October 2011, the site showed immediate results and has since brought in £150,000-worth of capsule sales, beating its six-month sales target.

Adam Pritchard, Co-founder and Director, PomeGreat explains:

“We always see a particular spike in sales after a promotion but generally there is a very strong, steady stream of sales — and a lot of that is repeat business. The site is so easy to use that people can stock up on their capsules in a matter of minutes. We have a very loyal customer base. Also, because iKOS uses an open source platform, I haven’t had to pay for proprietary technology — only expertise — which has kept my business costs lower.”

He adds:

“Not only has iKOS created an independently-functioning eCommerce platform that embodies the brand perfectly, but the team has impressed with their aptitude for marketing the product online (via SEO, Google and Facebook advertising), consistently coming in on or under marketing budget. Most importantly, every penny is measurable. I am thrilled with the results so far and wouldn't hesitate to recommend iKOS and Drupal Commerce to other businesses.”

Myles Davidson comments:

“Drupal Commerce was the perfect fit for PomeGreat’s website because it has all of the functionality required for an eCommerce platform but does not dictate how you have to use it. Rather than adapting your website and business to the requirements of the software, you can control the customer experience to match your business requirements. The best bit is that the site is built to scale, so as PomeGreat grows, we can easily expand functionality.”

PomeGreat has been an iKOS client since August 2011. 


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