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Lush is the undisputed master of B-commerce

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We were naturally excited to read #Bendavis (Econsultancy) article on the concept of 'B-commerce’ as some of his observations mirror many of the initial design challenges we were faced with. From the begining the challenge was always to create a beautiful and immersive place where both content and commerce could coexist in a single experience, we couldn’t put it any better than Ben when he says “Lush feels like…a website that happens to sell stuff too. He also goes on to compare the Lush site with Body Shop, which he says "feels like an commerce site that happens to be branded as the Body Shop…” 


First there was content, then commerce and just to confuse us more we now have personalisation too!! The truth is that if you get these three things right you actually create the complete opposite of confusion, you create an experience where the shopper no longer needs to think…..All they do is shop…..

More about iKOS’ Lush story 'Closing the Content Commerce Gap’ can be read here


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