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We took you up on the Usability Audit after watching the Sage Pay webinar.

We took you up on the Usability Audit after watching the Sage Pay webinar.

The audit highlighted a couple of things that we were already aware of but that are constrained by the platform we are using i.e. mobile displays and login page, there were a couple of easy fixes - alignment/location of check boxes - and some things that had completely by-passed us, most notably the basket being absorbed into the header. Any opportunity to reduce friction is worthwhile, especially on the checkout page – which I see as the most important page on the whole site.

What we did as a result of the audit was; break the different points into ones we can’t afford to deal with at the moment i.e. post code lookup, the quick wins i.e. alignment and location of check boxes, and those to be sorted out when we redesign the website once the latest release of OpenCart (with responsive design) is available in September. Our web developers are working on the quick wins at the moment, having already fixed an issue with the update basket button that was highlighted.

We really liked the layout of the report – being very easy to understand, but also the way you including the positives as well as the suggestions for improvement, this made it a lot easier to sell to our web-developers, especially as I’d just asked for a number of changes to the standard layout on the basis of this article!

The audit definitely provided beneficial suggestions - we found it really useful to have a fresh set of eyes and honest, un-biased opinion. We Brits are so worried about offending that getting an honest (and complete) opinion is remarkably difficult!

Jae Rance | Director of Trolls and Tribulations Ltd | Scratch Sleeves