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Increase traffic flow by 100%

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Project summary

iKOS business analysts regularly review Analytics for our 'Managed Accounts' customers such as Quaife. Using Google's in-line view it was highlighted that 93% of visitors didn't scroll below the 'fold' and yet over time, the home page had grown in length and page weight, resulting in a relatively slow page load - an increasingly important measurement for Google rankings that results in slow websites being penalised.

The brief, therefore, became to refresh and optimise the homepage by utilising our internal UX knowledge, and by using detailed statistics and insights from Google Analytics, as part of an on-going effort to drive traffic to the online store, the central aim being to increase online sales.

Project challenge

An overcrowded home page that had become cluttered. This had began to cloud its main purpose - to drive traffic to the online store.

How the challenge was overcome

It was essential that we worked through what was on that page and spend time re-evaluating it's key purpose. In turn we were able to present our findings and solutions to the customer and give our recommendations with solid, factual, reasoning.
We went back to basics, to re-establish the prime purpose of the home page - to convey the essence of Quaife instantly, providing clear visitor navigation, and commercially, to ensure users are presented with the products that are engineered to enhance their cars.
This short project was unique for a number of reasons. We had a very tight time frame to analyse the GA data, and to evaluate the page for ourselves. We were also dealing a client with a well-established business, already enjoying a level of success through the website. Recommending improvements or progressions needed to be done in a way that showed our thinking, comparing new and old with logical information backing up our beliefs.

Deployment and testing

Photoshop visual's were presented internally to challenge the initial thinking. Again, the relation to what the statistics told us was used to preserve the hierarchy of information when presenting the revised ideas to the client with our annotated notes
Using Acquia's cloud hosting the SWAMP team were able to take a rapid snapshot of the live site, creating a dev environment. A Drupal themer was engaged in the project to build a new view and accompanying front end code. Before being pushed to the client we ran several checks including Insight and SEO grader each providing 100 automated tests against the integrity of the code and items of best practice.
Once internally approved the page got pushed from dev to ‘Staging’ - a sandbox area for client review.
Once live, a dashboard was created within Google Analytics to help compare and contrast the new and old home pages, against the agreed measurements (page load, percentage of users who visited the shop…)

Measurable results

The new site has a 100% increase in visitors entering the shop as their first port of call and the new home page is 32.66% faster to load. The ‘below the fold’ problem has been completed resolved.


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