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Implementation-focused management consulting and Information Technology services group.


“Thank you for everything you taught us. I really enjoyed it. ”
Anika Mehangra | Software Engineer | Capgemini
“I went in with some aspirations of aiming to become a Drupal developer but I have left with the intention of becoming...”
Dean Sohn | Junior Software Engineer | Capgemini
“The group size was perfect as we had enough time for individual help if we needed it.”
Aashik Patel | Business Analyst | Capgemini
“By far the most rewarding training course I have been on to date. ”
David Leather | Graduate Software Engineer | Capgemini
“This is the first training course where I have not struggled to keep awake!”
Adam Stacey | Software Engineer | Capgemini
“iKOS Digital clearly know their stuff and it shows. ”
Robert Kerr | Consultant Front End Developer | Capgemini
“An extremely useful opportunity to learn an exceptional amount. ”
Alex Stewart | Graduate Technologist | Capgemini
“The pace of the course was just right for our range of abilities. ”
Wayne Stevens | Software Engineer Lead | Capgemini